Workshop "Awakening the illuminated heart“

It s time, to give something back to mother earth, who has been nourishing us humans for ages now. This workshop shows you your possibilities, to be a co-creator here on earth, in the most wonderful way – with your heart.

This ancient knowledge has been preserved by individuals for millennia. It is now being brought back to humanity by Drunvalo Melchizedek and summarised in this workshop. It is presented in a simple, concrete and practical manner.

In order to regain the power and wisdom of your heart in this process, we will discover the sacred place of your heart together. From there we will come to the tiny place – where we are connected with ALL life - hidden inside your heart.

Here you find God – and here you KNOW, whats right and true for you.

In this workshop we will go through the following together:

  • Get the connection to your Higher Self and your angels
  • Activate the pineal gland and the beams of light around the head
  • Open the third eye
  • Make a special meditation to reconnect with mother earth and father sky – the Unity Breath
  • Activate the MerKaBa permanently
  • Get back the memory, how to create from the heart

Now you have 're-'gained all abilities, to be a co-creator here on earth. That is your birthright after all. Let's make the world a better place!

You are most welcome and can look forward to a very special workshop, which will change your life forever.

I would feel honored, to accompany you on this path.

If you like to enroll the workshop, please click on this link: