Workshop "Chakra and aura reading"

For a deeper understanding and knowledge of and compassion for all people.

Chakra and Aura Reading is a method (a way to see someone), which enable to go into a deep and touching contact and to perceive another person as god meant him to be.

By giving a reading to somebody, you have the possibility to look into the soul of another person. You can see the true being behind his face. You can feel a deep understanding and compassion for this person and you are connected with him/her. It is a technique, which allows you, without even speaking a word to the person, to get nearly all information about him/her – provided he/she gives you the permission!

At the same time it is a fascinating possibility to come into a close contact with another person and to help him.

In the workshop you will learn among others:

  • to read and interpret chakras
  • to see the person’s state of health and perceive his mental condition
  • to recognize the structure of his thinking,
  • to understand the belief patterns, which are affecting his/her life,
  • furthermore to recognize the greatest talent and strongest side of the person.

Based on this information the read person has the possibility to look at these things from another perspective,

  • for example, to clarify his relations with others and to improve them,
  • to be more authentic, honest and intense in his partnership,
  • to better realize his/her own fears, deal with them in alternative ways, or ideally release them completely.

The workshop will last 4 days. Afterwards you will be able to „read“ somebody else. Most importantly you will have learnt how to deal with this kind of therapy and how to help other people in the best way for them. According to my experience this workshop is a really touching adventure on the journey to our self-awareness.