Usually we have no access to our subconscious minds. We cannot recall or make use of the experiences stored there. Despite this, our subconscious affects our behaviour and everyday life, even though we are not aware of this influence.

Guided mediatation is a special kind of meditation technique which leads the client into an Alpha state. This is really no different from a state of complete relaxation, in which we can see our subconsciousness with greater clarity. During the whole session I m in contact with the client. He or she returns to a previous life or to his or her childhood, and relives situations which have been forgotten or pushed back into the subconscious.

Experiencing scenes from one’s life anew is called „catatym imaginary“ – and means that our brain is able to visually and kinesthetically reexperience a given situation. Clients are thus able to relive significant scenes, and become aware of how they behave and shape their lives. In consequence, they are able to identify and understand their current situation. Clients creatively use the potential that the Alpha state offers them.

Guided meditation sessions can be healing.

A session lasts 2 hours and costs 95 € in Germany/280 zł in Poland.